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Prosthetiki Dental Laboratory was established in Heraklion, Crete, in 1993 and has been active ever since. Throughout these 28 years, strong perspective, know-how and commitment to science are the special ingredients making up our laboratory’s identity.

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About us

We are constantly investing in technological equipment, knowledge and experience, because digital technology is the most important tool in our hands. For the last five years, all the production of the immovable prosthetics of our laboratory is designed and manufactured using digital technology.

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  • Digital Technology
  • Certified Materials
  • Innovative Practices
  • Quality Guarantee
ISO 9001 TUV


Aiming to provide the fastest possible services, at Prosthetiki we have established an integrated management and communication system. Our well-trained secretaries take care of the recording, organization and planning of each project, after contacting the respective associate dentist. Then, they inform and assign the project to the production team and the corresponding department, which in turn delivers the final product for invoicing.

The shipment of the final product is done through the distributors available to our team or the cooperating courier agencies for delivery to areas outside Heraklion. The product is always accompanied by a written quality guarantee.

At Prosthetiki we have and provide semi-adaptable articulators and articulators with a personal arch for the needs of each practice, aiming at complete and reliable solutions for both the dentist and the patient.